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Dalet Yud Shin was founded in 1971 by Izchak Shani, Dani Daniel and Ze’ev Yaffe; three educational professionals who are all knowledgeable, experienced and have a long-standing reputation in the field of residential treatment.

Our Vision

We identify the issues prevalent among at-risk youth and teens and develop diverse programs designed to address their changing needs.

We have founded several professional boarding schools that offer a unique array of complementary services.

We work continuously to develop work tools and techniques, in order to answer the special needs of our children, while combining creativity and professionalism.

We offer a professional and challenging work environment that assures continuous growth and development, and we have created for our staff an organizational philosophy that encourages thought, initiative and learning.

Our Mission and Goals

We place great importance on the relationship of the children with their families. Over the years we have developed specialized models for promoting and strengthening this relationship, with the help of the community, the National Insurance Institute of Israel and ‘Yeladim - the Council for the Child in Placement’.

We provide professional and individualized treatment for each child.

We strive to provide a protective environment that encourages nurturing, enrichment and also a bridging between the various societal backgrounds of our children.

We invest in the advancement of each child according to their particular abilities and skills.

We provide an environment that is healthy and empowering, but also has the authority and boundaries that contribute to our children's rehabilitation.

Our Organizational Structure

The Dalet Yud Shin offices are located in Zichron Yaakov.
Members of the Board include Izchak Shani, Dani Daniel, Orly Dvir and Inbal Daniel.
The Professional Staff- Sharon Sarid and the Office Staff- Hagit, Liat and Dana.

Our group manages six residential treatment centers for at-risk youth and teens, all of which are located between Zichron Yaakov and Netanya.

Arazim- Youth and Teen Village in the settlement Sadeh Yitzhak

Beit Boger- A community house in the settlement Ein Ha-T’helet

Beit Taf- A boarding school located in the community center in Pardes Hanna

Neve Elyashiv- A therapeutic foster community- in the settlement Elyashiv

Neve Hadar- A boarding school for teens and youth in Havatzelet Hasharon

Renanim- A therapeutic community for teens and youth- Zichron Yaakov

Along with the boarding schools, there are three schools for special education monitored by the Ministry of Education

Renanim School - Zichron Yaakov

Neve Hadar School - Ein Ha-Thelet, Netanya

Adanim School- Beit Eliezer, Hadera


The Ministry of Social Affairs- Child and Teen Services, the Ministry of Education, the Council for the Child in Placement and the “Nofim” Organization.


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